PTA is Thailand’s largest Toilet and restrooms rental brand and have the exclusive rights for the most innovative brands for the region : Thailand/Laos/Burma and Cambodia. PTA establish the first office in Thailand 2005. 
– PTA will be adding new franchisees in the south/north and east of Thailand, and also in Laos/Burma and Cambodia.
– PTA is actively seeking sophisticated, entrepreneurial business people to join the system as franchise owners.

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise.  It is for informational purposes only.
The following information relates to franchise opportunities in Thailand/Burma/Cambodia and Laos

At PTA, we have many strengths that make us your best choice for a franchise opportunity
( we have many skillful team-leaders with many years in the business)
INNOVATION ( We have currently the only demount able Toilet model in the business : Rapid Loo !, among a lot of other very good products)
( with our models we let our partners make the buck first, we believe in sharing, that’s how to build a strong team in our opinion.)

– Access through PTA to all our major suppliers for purchase/know how of rental fleet and facility supplies.
– Offering of established programs to assist your business in pricing decisions, promotion, and seamless delivery of leading quality services and products.
– Participation in many marketing channels, such as trade shows, web, social medias and so forth.
– Ongoing training with the latest news and innovative products in the business.
– Access to PTA non-fleet procurement discounts.

Franchise FAQS
What to Expect
A PTA franchise relationship is different from other franchise arrangement. Unlike others that requires some capital investment, initial fees and ongoing license fees, and so forth. you’ll be authorized to rent PTA materials with no initial or license fees.  There is no need to worry about investing in your own fleet of rental material.  PTA will provide the fleet and evaluate customer demand in your market to determine the optimal fleet size for your location(s).  You will be directly responsible for daily operational items/costs like staffing, marketing materials, and fleet utilization.

What are the minimum financial requirements?
None, you need how ever come up with a collateral up to 60% of the stock value that you needed.

How long is the approval process?
On average, it takes 60 days to go through the approval process and complete the legal documentation.

What kind of background do I need to be a successful PTA franchisee?
PTA is looking for energetic individuals who enjoy working within the Event and/or construction field. Ideal candidates should have an entrepreneurial spirit, solid business and sales skills, and be an active part of the communities in which they live and work. A background in rental or sales, although a plus, is not a requirement.

What is the franchise term?  Is it renewable?
The license agreement is a 3 year renewable term with renewal subject to Licensee meeting stated performance requirements in the License Agreement at time of each renewal.

Does PTA assist with fleet financing?
PTA does not assist with fleet financing.

Can I own multiple franchises in the same business segment?
No, you need to be fully commitment to PTA products only.

What is the initial fee?
If you go for the rental franchise model it is none, only a collateral to 60 % of the required material stock you needed.

What does the monthly license fee provide?
The amount of units of material needed for the business in your area, PTA will always assist you with more material if needed. 
Marketing tools such as stickers and Clothes with PTA brand , and access to our web and social medias.

What kind of training can I expect?
You will be required to attend a 6-8 week training session that will include a training session at PTA headquarters in Chonburi Thailand , a training session at a PTA event sites and construction sites/customers, , online training, and webinar training.  After that, you will have access to additional training and support resources.

How to inquire
You can inquire online here.   Alternatively, you can reach out to one of the following individuals: