PTA Agent Opportunities

A PTA Agency is a great complement to an existing business.  Adding a PTA Agency to an existing body shop, heavy equipment dealership, Organizers, Event companies, truck/crane/tolls rental operations, or other synergistic business is a great way to bring in additional revenue using existing facilities and personnel.

Agents are independent contractors and are neither employees nor franchisees of PTA.  This is not an offer of an agent opportunity.  Any such offer would only be made at PTA’s sole discretion.  The relationship between PTA and an agent is governed entirely by the terms and conditions of a mutually acceptable agency agreement.

What to Expect
– PTA will provide support to help you develop your agency.  To help grow your revenue base, experienced PTA staff will guide you through training, goal setting, sales and marketing.
– The daily routines with logistics and delivery to customers sites as well of maintenance of all material is always taking care by PTA HQ.
– PTA Agents are paid a percentage of every dollar/THB or current currency of the rental revenue they bring in. You also can earn income on charges for optional rental products.
– A PTA Agent relationship is different from a franchise arrangement. Unlike a franchise that requires some capital investment, initial fees and ongoing license fees. You dont have to invest in warehouses, logistics , ground staff and so forth.- When adding a PTA Agency to an existing business, incremental costs are minimal.

How to Inquire
 Previous Toilet rental experience is not required, but you must be ready to provide excellent customer service and insure material quality is up to PTA standards.

If you have a synergistic business, entrepreneurial spirit, previous experience in sales, Events, other customer services and/or the restrooms business, becoming a PTA Agent could be the opportunity for you. Please contact one of the individuals below to get specific details and explore opportunities for your area(s) of interest: